Philadelphia Phillies Trivia

Phillies PitcherThe Philadelphia Phillies are native to Philadelphia Pennsylvania, as could be imagined. They are a professional American baseball team. For over ten years the home of the Phillies has been Citizens Bank Park which is located in South Philadelphia. They are a member of the NL, or the National League in Major League Baseball, specifically the Eastern Division.

The Phillies are unique in that since 1883 they have belonged to one city and had one name continuously, longer than any other in professional American sports. The team started out with the name “Quakers” but they changed their name to “Philadelphians.” Even after “Philadephians” was shortened to “Phillies” they were still frequently referred to as the “Quakers,” even decades later until 1890. At that point it became official that the team would be known as the “Phillies.”

In 1887 the Philadelphia Phillies moved into Bake Bowl where they made their home. There were a few rough years for the Phillies around this period. Not only were many of its players leaving to go play on the American League which had just been established, the Phillies also did not win a single pennant for many years. MLB Team the PhilliesAt last, in 1915, the Philadelphia Phillies won their very first pennant. With 24 home runs thanks to batter Gavvy Cravath and pitcher Grover Cleveland Alexander the pennant became possible in addition to a record in major-league home runs for a single season. After their shining hour at the 1915 World Series the Philadelphia Phillies unfortunately faded back once again, primarily due to poor management of funds. The Phillies’ bad luck lasted from 1918-1948. Throughout those three decades they had only one winning season. One unique highlight during this period was when the Most Valuable Player Award was given to Chuck Klein in the year 1932. The next year he also won the National League Triple Crown, but for the most part these years were full of loses and disappointments.

Philadelphia Phillies GameIn 1943 everything seemed like it would finally turn around for the Philadelphia Phillies. This year marked the time when William B. Cox bought over the team. As the team began to rise up the home games increased and so did the fan base. Unfortunately this period was short lived and soon it was revealed the Cox was betting on the Phillies. Consequentially he was banned from baseball and the Philadelphia Phillies were handed over to Bob Carpenter Jr. He attempted to improve the team’s image by changing the name to “Bluejays” but it never really stuck, thus the Philadelphia Phillies remained.

It was not much time later that the “Whiz Kids” took the stage. The “Whiz Kids” was essentially just a nickname. The team was comprised primarily of members around the age 26, including Robin Roberts and Richie Ashburn who would later be in the Hall of Fame. The young team went on to have a wildly successful year in 1950 and they won the National League Pennant. Before long the Philadelphia Phillies were back at the sidelines, however, and some say this was due to Carpenter’s decisions.

Phillies World Series Champs 2008As the years went on the Whiz Kids were long gone and the Philadelphia Phillies set a new record for 23 games lost in a row in the year 1961. The Phillies continued to struggle on for some time, suffering from the “Phold of ’64” which is a famous collapse in sporting history. Not all was lost, of course, and in time the Philadelphia Phillies have had a lot of outstanding successes to accommodate their unfortunate failures.

There are fifteen players in sports history who have hit four home runs in one single game. Of those fifteen players three of them were Phillies, including Ed Delahanty, Chuck Klein, and Mike Schmidt. Mike Schmidt also won three MVP awards. Chuck Klein, Ryan Howard, Jim Konstanty, and Jimmy Rollins all won a MVP award.

Phillies GameThis year, 2015, marks the 133rd season for the Philadelphia Phillies. It is also their 12th season at Citizens Park. Many sports reviewers had speculated that the Phillies are at a stage of rebuilding and are not actually to the point of being competitive, nor will they be for a few more seasons at least. 2015 has not been a very good year for the Philadelphia Phillies, in fact last July some had called it the worst record in baseball. In order to rebuild the team a few components are coming into play. The Phillies have traded out some players and it won’t be long before a new generation of baseball players will have the chance to bring a new era to the Phillies. Cole Hamels is one of the promising new team members of the Philadelphia Phillies. Jump over to and subscribe to this high speed Internet service so you can watch all the games online.